When you decided to get into nursing, what did you think the job would be like? Did you know exactly what nurses actually do? Now that you’re a full-fledged nurse, is it what you thought it would be? We talked to some nurses and found out what they had to say about the REAL world of nursing!

This is the REAL world of nursing:

1. Your feet and back will hurt.

2. You’ll NEED to be in shape for this job.

3. This job will make you cry, probably a lot.

4. Many patients will not like you and most will test your limits

5. Many patients are not nice. In fact, they’re downright mean.

6. You’ll rarely hear a “thank you ” for all that you do.

7. Your job will never feel like it’s done.

8. What you do greatly affects others and will affect you too.

9. No one notices what you do–until you don’t do it.

10. You will hardly ever get home on time.


This may sound negative, but wait there’s more…


Ways nursing will change your life:

1. Your heart will grow.

2. Your compassion will exponentially expand.

3. You’ll develop strength where you once were afraid.

4. You’ll learn to push past your limits and become very resourceful.

5. You’ll develop keen decision-making skills

6. You’ll truly empathize and understand what loss really is.

7. You’ll impact human lives and make a difference

8. You’ll find that the rare “thank you” and/or hug is worth it all.

9. You won’t do this job to be noticed.

10. You’ll be proud to tell people you’re a nurse.


The things that make the nursing profession so tough are also the very same things that make this profession amazing. If it were easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?