Are you trying to decide what career field to get into? If you haven’t thought of the medical field, here’s why you should give it some serious thought on making it your career choice!

1. You’ll be in demand!

Healthcare is the fastest growing job sector in the workforce. People are always going to age and unfortunately people get sick, so there will always be a need to help those in need.

2. Healthcare pays

According to the U. S. Department of Labor, with an associate degree, in some fields you can make as much as $80-100,000 (if you rank in the top 10% of salaries). If you go for a higher degree, you can also make a good living and do more than just pay your bills.

3. Choices

There are lots of different opportunities in healthcare. You can choose to work in labs or directly with patients in hospitals, homes, or clinics.

4. Meet different people

Healthcare workers interact with different people every day, including patients, doctors, medical staff and families. In some fields, you’ll interact with researchers, technology experts, or scientists.

5. Health care is exciting

You never know what’s going to happen, and have to stay one your toes! You’ll solve problems and have to make decisions. Every day you will encounter something different.


If you’re searching for a rewarding, long term career, the medical field may be just what you’re looking for! What would be your reason for joining the medical profession?