10 Funny Reasons Why Nursing is the Perfect Job for Me

Being a nurse is a very fulfilling profession and I love helping people every day but what’s the real reason I became a nurse? It’s a bit simpler than you might think!


  1. I get to wear PJ’s to work everyday
  2. I don’t get grossed out. Blood, fluids, vomit, poop and other smelly things don’t bother me.
  3. I NEVER have to wear heels to work. Bring on the comfy shoes!
  4. No day is exactly the same- there is always variety with being a nurse
  5. It turns out that drawing blood and starting IVs is really cool.
  6. I have a thick skin. I’m OK with being yelled out by patients on a daily basis
  7. I get to meet cute doctors everyday
  8. I love coffee so I can go days without sleep
  9. Having conversations about bodily functions is normal to me
  10. I’m OK with my personal plans always getting changed because someone isn’t coming to work


Here are my reasons that nursing fits me so well! What are the reasons that you became a nurse?