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Nursing Scrubs – 7 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

A good pair of nursing scrubs can be incredibly comfortable. But are you committing one or more of these seven scrubs fashion faux pas every time you head to work? Give yourself a ‘working nurse fashion checkup’ and make sure you are dressing for success. Share/Save

The Top 6 Nursing Must Haves: Nursing Supplies You Should Not Live Without

Car mechanics have their tools. So do construction workers and surgeons. Can you imagine a hairdresser without their favorite shears? Or a lawn care company without their lawn mowers? Well, we nurses have our favorite nursing tools, too. They become a part of who we are as we deal with the daily rigors of tending [...]

Product Feature: Choosing the Right Nursing Scrubs for Non-Average Body Types

Over the years, I’ve heard many of my nurse co-workers complain about the limited choices in petite, tall and plus size nursing scrubs. Whether it was too few print options, colors or style choices, they always seemed to have a rougher go of finding comfortable and fashionable scrubs than those of us who fit the [...]

Paws-itively Adorable Pet Scrubs from MP Nursing Apparel!

At MP Nursing Apparel, we love our animals! There’s nothing like the love and devotion of a pet, and now you can show your love for your favorite four-legged creature with these paws-itively adorable pet themed scrubs from our website. Share/Save

New Prints for the New Year! The Latest Scrub Prints from MP Nursing Apparel!

Happy New Year! We’re officially kicking off 2014, and couldn’t be more excited to show you some of the latest prints we have in stock! As usual, the MP Nursing Apparel website has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and prints … check them out for yourself! Share/Save

Scrubs: A History

I write a lot about current styles and fashion trends, living in the present for all it’s worth. But like every well established institution, fashion has a long history, and scrubs are no exception. Let’s learn some scrubs history! Share/Save

Style Toon Up: New Tooniforms from MP Nursing Apparel!

  Have tons of fun with your wardrobe this spring with new Tooniforms from MP Nursing apparel! Offered in a whimsical array of your favorite animated characters, these scrubs are sure to please the young at heart.       Check out my favorite new prints!     They’re all super fun, and I love [...]

Product Feature: Cherokee 4005 Core Stretch Scrubs

Well now that you have some strategies to store away your winter wardrobe and have picked some new scrub tops, it only makes sense that you’d have a hankering for some scrub bottoms. Have I got something special for you! Let me introduce you to one of our new hot ticket items, Cherokee’s 4005 Core [...]

Product Feature: Scrubs by Skechers

This past month I’ve talked about V-day Scrubs and Celeb Trend Scrubs. So I’d like to cap off this month’s blog series by highlighting one of the many great scrub lines offered through MP Nursing Apparel. Drum roll … It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Skechers Medical Scrubs! Yes, the famous footwear brand has [...]

Product Feature: RUNWAY by Cherokee

Last week, I showed you how to incorporate some of this year’s biggest trends into your scrub wear. This week, I want to show you an entire line of scrubs designed to do just that. I’m talking about RUNWAY by Cherokee. I couldn’t have named this clothing line better myself. Every piece incorporates elements of [...]