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Nursing Shoes – Is It Really Worthwhile to Spend the Money on Brand Name Shoes?

It’s important to understand that only one thing truly matters when it comes to footwear for nurses: they absolutely, positively must be comfortable. Nurses are on their feet constantly. Walking, lifting, standing – you name it, they’re doing it…lots of it. In fact, in all our years of working with nurses we can’t think of [...]

Step into Santa Fe with the new Shayla Sneaker from Dansko!

Put a spring in your step with the new Santa Fe sneaker collection from Dansko! That’s right – sneakers! Now you can get the quality and support of your favorite nursing shoes in a stylish sneaker style! Share/Save

Step into New Styles from Sanita!

One of the reasons I love fall is the footwear! There is nothing that puts a smile on my face like a great pair of boots. If you’re in the healthcare field, you know how important finding the right footwear is. You’re on your feet all day long, and if you’re not wearing the right [...]

Strut Your Summer Style with Sandals from Dansko

We all know and love Dansko for their nursing footwear, but did you know that they also have an entire line of sandals available and ready for purchase? Check out a sampling of the line below! Share/Save

Product feature: Step into Fall – New Arrivals from Dankso

There’s nothing like a change in the seasons to give you an excuse to shop! The stores are being flooded with new merchandise – including MP Nursing Apparel! But before we get to the great new scrub apparel – and believe me we will – let’s start from the bottom and work our way up, [...]

Footwear Facts: 8 Things You Should Know about Sanita Clogs

1. Sanita clogs are the original Danish Clog. Sometimes nothing is better than the original, and that’s definitely the case with Sanita Clogs. Originating in 1907, Sanita clogs have been around for a long time, being crafted with the same quality design and craftsmanship that began a brand that has been around for over a [...]

It’s A Clog, It’s A Sneaker, It’s Both! The All-New Sanibel Line From Dansko

By: Mp Nursing There’s no getting around it: we nurses are on our feet constantly. We’re Olympians. All of that walking in and out of patient rooms, down endless miles of hospital corridors makes me think of athletes training for the 2012 Games in London. My sympathy for podiatric nurses is even more pronounced…imagine helping [...]