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Nursing Scrubs – 7 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

A good pair of nursing scrubs can be incredibly comfortable. But are you committing one or more of these seven scrubs fashion faux pas every time you head to work? Give yourself a ‘working nurse fashion checkup’ and make sure you are dressing for success. Share/Save

A Solid Future: Considering Uniform Consistency

I talk a lot about fashion trends in the nursing world – what to wear, what not to wear, and how to find apparel that works for you. I’d like to take some time this week to talk about uniform consistency in the medical industry, and where the future of scrub uniforms is headed. As [...]

Scrub-A-Dub: Strategies for Scrub Sanitation

I was doing some scrub research last week and stumbled upon this recent study conducted by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). In short, the study concluded that more than 60% of uniforms worn by nurses and doctors who work in hospitals tested positive for dangerous bacteria. Wait, it gets even [...]

Scrub Styles for Different Body Types – Nursing Scrubs That Fit Your Best

As a nurse, you have a specific work wardrobe – scrubs. You’re in them all the time, walking and working your way through the day in a wardrobe specifically made for the job, but are they specifically made for you? Have you ever stopped to think about scrub style? Just because you spend a lot [...]

Dress Up Your Scrubs! Fun Ways to Incorporate Outerwear into Your Look

By: MP Nursing Nursing scrubs rock and I absolutely love wearing them! But one downside (and there aren’t many!) is that nursing apparel isn’t the warmest type of clothing to be wearing when the leaves start falling and hospital corridors are freezing. When nurses think of trying to dress warmer in the fall and winter, [...]

5 Top Nursing Scrubs Trends For Fall

By: MP Nursing A white skirt, white top and white cap were typical nursing uniforms half a century ago, but these days, they’re the fashion of choice only on October 31st! Are you wondering what this fall’s nursing scrubs fashions will look like? With the rest of the fashion world still obsessing over the reconstructed [...]

More Than Just Nursing Scrubs! How to Transition Nursing Scrubs Into Everyday Wear

By: MP Nursing I’m sometimes asked whether nursing scrubs can be used as everyday wear, and the answer is ‘absolutely!’ Before I talk about how you can transition nursing scrubs into everyday wear, I want to tell you about my trend-crazed fashionista neighbor who works in an office somewhere. Every day, I see her return [...]

What Are the Best Nursing Scrubs? Tips on Selecting the Best Nursing Scrubs for Style and Budget!

By: MP Nursing I remember when I bought my first pair of nursing scrubs, (way too!) many years ago. It was liberating – I was finally a nurse, after all! – and more importantly, it gave me options. I was ready for something more than the three-sizes-too-large, unisex potato sacks that the hospital had issued [...]