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New Year’s Resolutions- How to Keep Them This Year!

Resolutions! We all make them and break them every year! This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make change and then not following through. If your resolution is to take better care of yourself and get healthy, you will have a much better year if your resolution sticks. Here are 5 tips to help [...]

Have You Made a Commitment to Your Health? 5 Simple Tips for Changing Your Lifestyle

Making a commitment to your health usually starts with a New Year’s resolution. With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday over-eating season behind us, now is the best time to commit to getting fit and healthy! But health goes beyond what your doctor says about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight, etc. Your health [...]

New Year’s Resolutions – How to Identify Your Goals for 2013

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2013, and with the start of a brand new year comes many opportunities to make some positive changes. I’m sure that none of you are strangers to the concept of New Year’s resolutions and that many of you have things that you want to achieve, but how do you choose [...]

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick – Three Steps to Successful Goal Setting

Our New Year’s resolutions are typically simple thoughts: I want to lose weight or I want a better relationship. We don’t spend much time thinking and planning how we’re going to get there. But did you know that people who make resolutions are ten times more likely to reach their goal than people who don’t?