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Does Being a Nurse Make You a Better Person?

By: MP Nursing I think it’s safe to say that being a nurse is a noble profession, but does that profession make you a better person by default? I think in this case that it’s more about the person who is doing the job rather than the other way around. Being a better person starts [...]

Show Your Support with Pink Ribbon Nursing Scrubs!

By: MP Nursing I have been writing all month about the power of giving and supporting good causes, so now it’s time to pull double duty! Do yourself a favor and gift yourself a pair of these adorable Cherokee Pink Ribbon Nursing scrubs in honor of breast cancer awareness and research. Take a stand with [...]

The Power of Giving – 5 Ways It Can Change a Nurse’s Life

By: MP Nursing Nurses know what it’s like to give back on a daily basis. You give your time, your energy, your patience – the list goes on and on. At the end of a long work day, you might be tempted to just crash on the couch and catch up on all of those [...]