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Stress Leads to Weight Gain – Myth or Fact?

Does stress lead to weight gain? It’s a straightforward question, with a straightforward answer: not only does stress lead to weight gain, it’s one of the foremost contributors to weight gain. Share/Save

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

No, you’re not alone. Many Americans report not having enough time to exercise because of their busy lives. (With that being said, however, the average American watches nearly four hours of television every day…or 61 days out of the year!) We all need to fit more exercise in to our daily schedule, and we want [...]

Have You Made a Commitment to Your Health? 5 Simple Tips for Changing Your Lifestyle

Making a commitment to your health usually starts with a New Year’s resolution. With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday over-eating season behind us, now is the best time to commit to getting fit and healthy! But health goes beyond what your doctor says about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight, etc. Your health [...]