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Pin It! The Rapunzel Conundrum: What to do with Your Long Locks?

It’s the season of new life, natural beauty, and … rising temperatures! There’s not much worse than feeling that warm, sticky feeling come upon you in the middle of the day. It starts at the back of your neck and slowly but surely starts to radiate throughout your body as you feel the weight of [...]

The Golden Rule – 3 Scrub Trends from the 2013 Golden Globes!

With the Hollywood awards season coming to a close, there’s a ton of red carpet inspired looks flooding the department stores. Everywhere you look there’s a fabulous blouse or dress that oozes the glitz and glamour of every woman’s inner film star. Cue the lights! While it’s fun to dream of what it would be [...]

Just what the Doctor Prescribed! 5 Fashion Trends for 2013

So now that you’ve set sights on what you aim to achieve this year, it’s only appropriate that we move on to the next issue of importance … WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? You all know how I love a good outfit, and there’s nothing quite like exploring all the new styles, especially at the beginning [...]

2012, A Year in Review: Fashion Tips to Take With You Into the New Year

I know that everyone is excited for the New Year BUT … Let’s just take pause and give nostalgia it’s fair dues and take a look back at some of the great tips, tricks, and fabulous finds that we’ve uncovered this year, shall we?   January is a great month of the year to find [...]

Off the Clock and On Trend: 5 Fabulous Fashion Trends for After Hours

It’s my favorite time of year for fashion! Coats, boots, scarves … it’s so exciting! There are so many great pieces available this season that I just had to share some of them with you! Whether you’re looking for something to wear over your scrubs as you make your way to work or for something [...]