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Nursing is a Gentle Art

This month we’re focusing on inspirational words about nurses. Why did you get into nursing? Can you relate to this poem, “Nursing is a Gentle Art.”


Nursing is a Gentle Art

Let me dedicate my life today,

in the care of those who come my way.

Let me touch each one with healing hand,

and the gentle art for which I stand.

And then tonight when day is done,

Let me rest in peace,

If I’ve helped just one.


Does this poem remind you of why you got into the nursing or medical profession? We’d love to hear your feedback on why nursing was the right choice for you!


Prayer Before the Examination

This month we’re dedicating poems for all the hard working nurses out there! This week is “Prayer Before the Examination.” Do you have a favorite poem, prayer or quote for nurses?


Prayer Before the Examination

Dear God,

Today I will take my examination

which is so important to me

Though I am nervous. I’m not afraid

Because I know that as I write my answers

It is your hands that work


And now, as I take this examination

Please enlighten my mind

to able to answer correctly

and to recall everything that I have studied.

I will do my best in this exam and to you God

I will entrust my fate

I know that whatever will be the result,

it is according to your will.


You have watched me

As I worked hard to study for this exam

Although I don’t feel very confident

And that I don’t know if I am prepared

I truly believe that you would give me what I deserve

I deserve to pass this exam, God.


I am happy that today you are with me

For with you I will win this battle

And as I close my eyes and feel your presence

In this examination room

You put confidence to my heart



A Nurse’s Prayer

This month we’re dedicating poems for all the hard working nurses out there! This week we have the “Nurses Prayer.”

A Nurse’s Prayer

Give me strength and wisdom,

When others need my touch;

A soothing word to speak to them,

Their hearts yearn for so much.

Give me joy and laughter,

To lift a weary soul;

Pour in me compassion,

To make the broken whole.

Give me gentle, healing hands,

For those left in my care;

A blessing to those who need me,

This is a Nurse’s prayer.


Creative Ways To Make Your Workouts Fun

Most of us know how important exercise is to our overall physical, mental and emotional health, yet so many of us can’t get motivated to start a workout routine, or if we do start, we can’t manage to stick with it. Sometimes getting our workout gear on and hitting the gym feels more like an excruciating visit to the dentist. Here are some creative tips to help make your workouts fun so that you follow through on all those good intentions.

  1. Team Up – Get a group of friends who also want to get into shape and create a workout team. Sometimes having only one “work out buddy” can lead to failure because if one person doesn’t stick with it, then the second person is more apt to drop out too. But with a group of friends, you always have someone left in the “pool” to work out with. Try doing different workouts with different friends. Find people who enjoy the same types of activities that you enjoy and schedule workout dates with them. It is much easier to stay motivated when you have others to work out with.
  2. Join A Gym – Having and paying for a gym membership is much more motivating than the treadmill in your bedroom that becomes a clothing rack. A membership at a gym can provide you with guidance on the correct exercises to do in order to reach your goals, and enough variety of equipment to “mix-up” your workouts. Also, many fitness facilities have classes that you can take to help spice up your workouts.
  3. Be A Kid Again – Remember all the cool activities you used to enjoy as a child? Try ice skating, roller-blading, or even a game of one-on-one with the basketball hoop in your driveway. What about a game of kickball or dodgeball with the family? Find something that you enjoy, and feel like a kid again!
  4. Get Rewards - Set goals for your workouts and then reward yourself with something you enjoy. You can set short-term goals for each workout like the length of time you spend on specific cardio equipment or a new weight level on weight lifting machines. Set long-term goals for weight loss, percentage of body fat or maybe getting into those skinny jeans. Whatever the goal, have a reward. The reward may be as simple as taking the time to read a good book or treating yourself to a bubble bath. Having something to look forward to will definitely be motivating.
  5. Join A Group – Try joining an organized group to get fit. For example, take a dance class or join a volleyball team. Exercise doesn’t only occur in the gym. All of these activities are fun ways to get a great workout. And being part of a group will help keep you motivated to continue on your journey to fitness.

Whether exercise is your passion or just a means to staying healthy, it’s important to find ways to enjoy every workout. Try something new–you may actually enjoy it.


Create Fitness Goals You Will Keep!

The warmer weather is here! It’s time for us all to improve our physical fitness – lose weight, get into shape and get healthy. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did when it’s time to put on that swimsuit! Here are some fitness goals that you’ll be able to keep this spring and summer!

  1. Create a clear plan – When creating a physical fitness plan, you need to get down to the details. Write down the goal you would like to achieve, but, make sure you also outline how you plan to achieve this goal. Decide how much weight you want to lose or how you want your body to look, and then map out a plan to get there. Your plan should include details such as how much weight you want to lose at what intervals, what your exercise routine will be, when you will exercise and what diet changes you will need to make.
  2. Set Realistic Goals – Don’t set yourself up for failure! You can’t set unrealistic fitness goals and expect to succeed. If you decide you want to lose 50 pounds by the end of the month – you will probably fail. Make sure your goals are realistic and obtainable. You know yourself better than anyone, so set your fitness goals in a way that will keep you motivated. If your expectations are too high from the start, chances are you won’t meet your fitness goals and will quickly give up – failing once again to get the body you want.
  3. Be Held Accountable – If you have failed to meet your fitness goals in the past, then think about getting a “work out buddy”. Find a friend who also wants to get fit and become a team. You can set individual and team goals, create fun rewards for accomplishments and set consequences if goals are not met. It’s a lot harder to skip a day at the gym when you know someone is waiting for you.
  4. Results – It’s important to know your progress to keep yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Choose how you will be measuring your success and keep a daily or weekly log of your results. Whether you track weight, body fat, or some other measurement of your success, a log will make it easier to follow your progress and keep you motivated to reach your desired fitness goal.
  5. Reward Yourself – Who doesn’t like a pat on the back for a job well done? Set up a reward system for your accomplishments. Your reward system should be set up when you are creating your fitness goals and plan. However you decide to reward yourself, make sure it will motivate you. Maybe you can buy yourself something special when you reach a certain fitness goal or you can take some “me” time to do something you enjoy. Having these rewards set up in advance will give you something to look forward to as you work towards reaching important milestones in your fitness plan.

Getting healthy and fit doesn’t have to be something you dread. By following these 5 simple ideas, you can get healthy, have fun and maybe actually look forward to putting on that swimsuit this year!


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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body, Mind and Heart Healthy

Sometimes when we think about being healthy or getting into shape, we mostly focus on one area like eating better or exercising; when in reality we should be thinking about our body as a whole. To be truly healthy we need to learn how to take care of the entire body. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your body, mind and heart healthy so that your entire body is feeling and performing better. [Read the rest of this entry...]

8 Healthy Eating Tips for Families on the Go

Today, families are so busy with work and school that it leaves little time to think about ways to eat healthy. Unfortunately, the days of the families gathered around the breakfast, lunch and dinner table are a thing of the past. The families of today need to find ways to eat healthy while going in a million different directions to get it all done. With all this in mind, we came up with a few simple tips to help families find time to eat healthy on the go! [Read the rest of this entry...]

Why I Am a Nurse

Why did you decide to be a nurse? Did something happen to guide you toward becoming a nurse or medical professional or did stumble upon the decision? What keeps you in the profession? We found this poem that I’m guessing a lot of you will relate to! [Read the rest of this entry...]