We are deep into summer and the kids have a few weeks before they go back to school. If you’re struggling to come up with some fun family ideas to keep them occupied, we found some great ideas that you can enjoy as a family. Although it may not seem possible with our crazy schedules, we do need to take a break every now and again to have some family fun. To help you get started we came up with 5 budget-friendly ideas.

  1. Backyard Camping – Forget packing up all the gear, loading the car and driving to a camp ground. Why not camp in your own back yard? Pitch a tent, make dinner on your grill and then roast marshmallows over the coals. Catch lightening bugs in a jar, tell ghost stories and look at the stars together. No TV, no phone, just the great outdoors and family time. And when you need to use the bathroom, it beats having to go in the woods!
  2. Volunteer As A Family – A great way to come together is to help the less fortunate. Find a food bank or soup kitchen and volunteer your time together. Working together as a family to help those in need can be an incredibly powerful way of building family bonds and developing a great sense of pride and fulfillment in all family members.
  3. Car Wash – Pick your favorite charity to support and host a car wash to raise money for the charity. Put up homemade signs around the neighborhood to advertise the event and spend a day washing cars for a good cause. Make sure each family member has a specific job: money collector, hose operator, washer, dryer and anything else you can think of. Just imagine the satisfaction your family will feel when you give your charity the money you raised while having a blast with your family!
  4. Craft Night – Come up with an age appropriate craft that the whole family can enjoy and get creative! You can make a mural, build a birdhouse or do some scrapbooking. Whatever you decide, select an activity the whole family can participate in.
  5. Karaoke Night – Even if you don’t have a real microphone, it doesn’t matter. Just put on some tunes and sing your heart out. Everyone can pick their favorite music to perform while the rest of the family evaluates their talent. Step it up a notch and have some prizes for the winners.

Although this list is not all inclusive, it should give you some ideas on how to get the “fun” back into “family fun night (or day).” For more ideas, think back to some memories of fun activities you did as a child and try them out with your family. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you are together as a family… sharing laughter.