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Giveaway: Win a Set of Antimicrobial Scrubs

Get your hands on medical scrubs with Certainty feature revolutionary antimicrobial technology providing freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria. We’re giving away a set (top and pant) during the month of May. Share/Save

7 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Family – And Have A Blast Too!

Life is hectic, and no one in the household seems to be on the same schedule. When you’re coming home from work, they’re always on their way out. Distractions are everywhere. But quality family time doesn’t need to disappear. Did you know that parents spend an average of just three and a half minutes each [...]

2013 A Year in Review: Scrub Up on Fashion Tips and Tricks to Take into the New Year

Well, I guess it’s a wrap on 2013. It was a good year full of wonderful new colors, patterns, and designs. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring to all our wardrobes, but let’s take one last look at this year’s best scrub fashion tips and tricks as we move forward in our [...]

New Year’s Resolve – 5 Ways to Fix Bad Habits for Good

Last week, I talked about how to identify your goals for 2012. This week, I want to talk about resolve. Resolve goes hand in hand with any New Year’s resolutions because – let’s face it – New Year’s resolutions are hard, and you have to be really determined to achieve your goals if you have [...]

Start To Finish: The Process of Custom Embroidery

By: Mp Nursing Sometimes it’s done for business. Other times it’s for public safety. Sometimes we do it in order to compete. And sometimes it’s just for fun. Whatever your motivation, embroidered identities surround us. We see them on other people’s hats, shirts, pants…even on those badge holder lanyards around their necks. That is the [...]

How to Handle Working Mom Guilt

By: Mp Nursing You work hard to make ends meet, and you want to be able give your kids some of the things you never had as a child. But you feel guilty every time you leave them to head off to the job. Guess what? Most moms feel the same way. In fact, it [...]