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Entries for the ‘Shopping Tips’ Category

Shopping Tips to Save Your Holiday Budget

The holidays can be a fun time, but not when you’re stressing about how much it’s costing you!  This month we’re giving you some tips to keep the stress low and the fun at an all time high! Share/Save

Nurse on a Budget: Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday is coming! Extreme markdowns and fabulous bargains are yours for the taking on this day of retail reckoning. Mark your calendars, rev your engines, and shop! Share/Save

Off the Clock and On Trend: 5 Fabulous Fashion Trends for After Hours

It’s my favorite time of year for fashion! Coats, boots, scarves … it’s so exciting! There are so many great pieces available this season that I just had to share some of them with you! Whether you’re looking for something to wear over your scrubs as you make your way to work or for something [...]

The Basics of Finding a Bargain: 3 Tips to Score a Good Buy

I love fashion, but what I love even more than that is a good bargain! There’s nothing like getting a designer buy for a fraction of the retail price, so take my advice and use these 3 tips to find a true steal! Compare the Cost There are lots of people and places out there [...]