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Simple Steps to More Efficient Record-Keeping

With tax season in full force, we thought we’d talk record keeping. Do you have a record keeping system? How do you know what papers to keep and which ones can be thrown away? Most financial papers can be divided into three categories: records to keep for one year, records to keep for seven years, [...]

Get Your Work Area in Order!

If you’re a nurse or medical professional who works in an office this post is for you! Surveys have shown that office workers spend between 15-45 minutes a day looking for things on their desk or in their office. That equates to 2-6 weeks per year of lost productivity! How can you change that?  Share/Save

How Efficient and Productive Are You?

Anyone who works in the medical field knows what it’s like to multitask and juggle their time throughout the day. Time Management is what is known as effectively using your time to complete your necessary tasks. You need to have good time management skills to accomplish everything you want to accomplish from day to day. [...]

January is National Organizing Month! Organize Your House & Change Your Life in Six Easy Steps

By: MP Nursing “Ughh, I need to change my life and get organized.”  How often do you say this? Many of us at some point during the year mutter this dreaded phrase. It’s dreaded, of course, because being organized and getting organized are two very different things. The idea of being organized is exciting  … [...]