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Entries for the ‘Having Fun’ Category

Fun Family Night (or Day) Ideas

We are deep into summer and the kids have a few weeks before they go back to school. If you’re struggling to come up with some fun family ideas to keep them occupied, we found some great ideas that you can enjoy as a family. Although it may not seem possible with our crazy schedules, [...]

Paging Dr. Scary: Top 5 Scariest Doctor Characters of All Time

This week I figured we’ll have some fun and talk about the scariest doctors who have ever graced the big screen. And let me tell you, they’re in good company! You don’t really realize how many plotlines star creepy nurses, doctors, and insane asylums until you want to write a blog post about them. I [...]

My Medical Music Medley: Volume 1

There’s nothing quite like a good playlist, so I thought we could have some fun this week and put together a medical mix tape, if you will, of some great tunes that are relevant to our industry – the titles anyhow. Please feel free to comment on our Facebook page to contribute a track of [...]