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Giveaway: Win a Set of the NEW Cherokee Workwear Flex Scrubs


Need new scrubs? How about an entire outfit from Cherokee? No problem! We’re giving away a set of the NEW Cherokee Workwear Flex scrubs during the month of September. Antimicrobial, soft, durable, stretch fabric!!! Made with Cherokee’s latest antimicrobial technology; these scrubs are available in 14 colors!
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The Funny Side of Nursing

10 Funny Reasons Why Nursing is the Perfect Job for Me

Being a nurse is a very fulfilling profession and I love helping people every day but what’s the real reason I became a nurse? It’s a bit simpler than you might think! [Read the rest of this entry...]

A Nurse’s Duty

As a nurse, do you ever think about why you do what you do? What keeps you coming back day after day to help others? This poem written by a nurse seems to sum up these questions, what do you think? [Read the rest of this entry...]

The Medical Field- A Good Career Choice?

Are you trying to decide what career field to get into? If you haven’t thought of the medical field, here’s why you should give it some serious thought on making it your career choice! [Read the rest of this entry...]

Ways Nursing Can Change Your Life

When you decided to get into nursing, what did you think the job would be like? Did you know exactly what nurses actually do? Now that you’re a full-fledged nurse, is it what you thought it would be? We talked to some nurses and found out what they had to say about the REAL world of nursing! [Read the rest of this entry...]

Fun Family Night (or Day) Ideas

We are deep into summer and the kids have a few weeks before they go back to school. If you’re struggling to come up with some fun family ideas to keep them occupied, we found some great ideas that you can enjoy as a family. Although it may not seem possible with our crazy schedules, we do need to take a break every now and again to have some family fun. To help you get started we came up with 5 budget-friendly ideas.

  1. Backyard Camping – Forget packing up all the gear, loading the car and driving to a camp ground. Why not camp in your own back yard? Pitch a tent, make dinner on your grill and then roast marshmallows over the coals. Catch lightening bugs in a jar, tell ghost stories and look at the stars together. No TV, no phone, just the great outdoors and family time. And when you need to use the bathroom, it beats having to go in the woods!
  2. Volunteer As A Family – A great way to come together is to help the less fortunate. Find a food bank or soup kitchen and volunteer your time together. Working together as a family to help those in need can be an incredibly powerful way of building family bonds and developing a great sense of pride and fulfillment in all family members.
  3. Car Wash – Pick your favorite charity to support and host a car wash to raise money for the charity. Put up homemade signs around the neighborhood to advertise the event and spend a day washing cars for a good cause. Make sure each family member has a specific job: money collector, hose operator, washer, dryer and anything else you can think of. Just imagine the satisfaction your family will feel when you give your charity the money you raised while having a blast with your family!
  4. Craft Night – Come up with an age appropriate craft that the whole family can enjoy and get creative! You can make a mural, build a birdhouse or do some scrapbooking. Whatever you decide, select an activity the whole family can participate in.
  5. Karaoke Night – Even if you don’t have a real microphone, it doesn’t matter. Just put on some tunes and sing your heart out. Everyone can pick their favorite music to perform while the rest of the family evaluates their talent. Step it up a notch and have some prizes for the winners.

Although this list is not all inclusive, it should give you some ideas on how to get the “fun” back into “family fun night (or day).” For more ideas, think back to some memories of fun activities you did as a child and try them out with your family. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you are together as a family… sharing laughter.


Enjoy The Outdoors- Go for a Hike!

A wonderful way to learn more about the great outdoors and get some much needed exercise is to go on a hiking day trip. Usually when we think of hiking, we immediately think mountains… but you can also go hiking on city paths or nature trails, and you can make the hike as easy or as strenuous as you want it to be. As an activity, hiking is a great way to develop balance and keep in shape. So grab a friend and get going!

First things first

The first thing you need to do is select a route. Decide what you want to see while you are hiking. Consider the fitness level of everyone hiking and determine how long you will be hiking… are there places to rest along the way? Make sure you do your research so that you match the length and terrain of the trail to the ability of your group. For beginners, a shorter, well-marked route is often a wise choice.

Make it fun

Always remember that the main objective is to have fun. This isn’t just a walk, it’s an adventure! Keep your eyes and ears open to take in all there is to see and hear. Depending on the length of the hike, take along some snacks or lunch and stop for a well-deserved break along the way. Just remember to have plastic bags to clean up your trash before leaving.

Create memories

Make sure to take your camera. As you explore nature, there will be many opportunities to get some great shots of the wildlife and possibly a great view from one of your stopping points. Take the time to stop and get pictures along the way so that you can create a photo album to document your hiking adventures. Putting together a photo album will help create some memories that you can look back on years later.

Comfort is key

Comfort is a key element to a successful hiking trip. Make sure you have the proper gear for the hike. Shoes are very important – they need to be comfortable, give support and also keep your feet dry. If you’re doing a more advanced hike, make sure your shoes have good traction for climbing and rocky terrain. Also, wear your clothes in layers so that as you get warm, you can take a layer off.

Be safe

Remember safety first. Take lots of water with you. Don’t trust water from streams or rivers that you come across – you never know what’s in them. Wear a hat, sunscreen and sun glasses. Depending on where you go, insect repellant might also be a good idea. Keep your eyes open and watch every step!

Hiking is a great activity to have fun and stay healthy. Take the necessary items, but don’t over pack! You don’t want to carry more than you need. Plan your day, know where you are going and research the route. But most importantly, have a great time discovering all that nature has to offer.


Staying Fit With Your Family

Families today are so busy just trying to keep up with “life” and all that it entails, fitting any sort of exercise into our day seems impossible. We all know how important exercise is not only for adults, but also for children and teens – but we struggle with the amount of time it takes to pack a gym bag, drive to the gym, work out, shower, and drive home while still having enough time for family dinner. So why not create a family fitness program where you can get healthy while spending some quality time with your family? We came up with 5 family fitness ideas to get you started on the right path.

  1. Use the Wii for Family Fitness – Getting exercise while having fun is one of the best features of Wii games. Studies have shown that a child can burn more than 100-150 calories while playing a moderately active Wii game. With Wii, there is something for everyone. You can choose from the wide variety of games available to suite every talent and favorite sport. So pick up that remote and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have while getting a great workout.
  2. Pick a Family Sport – Most children are involved in some sort of sport or after school activity that they love. So… kick it into overdrive and make it a family sport. You can even choose teams and get a little competition going (if you have enough family members.) Taking an active interest in your child’s chosen sport or activity will leave a lasting impression on them for years to come. They will always remember how “Dad and I used to beat Mom and Sis every Sunday night at basketball.” Of course the added exercise is a major bonus.
  3. Take a Walk and Explore – Walking is the most basic form of exercise, yet we often take it for granted. All you need is a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood to burn some of those calories you ate at dinner. Gather up the family (and the dog) and have fun exploring. This may be a great time to talk about your day and get your children to open up about their lives.
  4. Feel Good Fitness – Get active while raising money for charity! Volunteer at a charity car wash, community walk or participate in a 5K run. You will not only get some good exercise; but you will also feel good knowing that you are supporting a great cause while hanging out with the family.
  5. Crank Up The Music & Get Dancin’ – Move the furniture to the sides of the living room or family room, load up the CD player with dance music and get dancin’. Most kids love to dance and move! It doesn’t matter how silly the moves are, as long as you are having fun and getting some exercise.

Since our lives are so hectic with all of our activities, chores and longer hours at work, we need to find creative ways to include physical fitness into our daily family routine. Try one of these ideas to get you started and eventually you will come up with your own creative ways to get fit as a family. Just remember… the most important part of family fitness is having fun and enjoying the time with your family. But, burning some calories is a nice bonus!


Practical and Easy Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Lifestyle

Although most of us have the best intentions, sometimes our lives are so crazy that we just can’t find the time to get to the gym for a regular workout. We know that we need the exercise and that it’s good for our health and fitness, but finding the extra time to drive to the gym, work out and then shower just seems like too much effort on most days. So, here are a few things you can do every day to increase your exercise and burn a few calories along the way.

  1. Step It Up – Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. This works almost anywhere you live, work or shop. If you live or work near the top of a high rise building, consider getting off the elevator a few floors early and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs whenever you can. Even while you are shopping, you can choose to walk rather than ride the escalator. You may feel winded at first, but keep going and you’ll be amazed how quickly you build the stamina.
  2. Park and Walk – Rather than grabbing that front row parking spot at the mall or grocery store, choose one at the far end of the parking lot and walk. This may require a little extra time on your part, but it is a small price to pay for a little bit of exercise. Just make sure the parking lot is a safe environment and well lit if you are walking at night.
  3. Dance Your Chores Away – Put on some music while you are dusting, raking leaves or doing any other chores around the house or office. Put some extra moves into your daily chores and you will burn some bonus calories! The music will help brighten your mood and the extra dance moves may make your work a little more fun while giving you the added benefit of fitness.
  4. Walk or Bike To Work – If you live close enough to work, walking or riding your bike to and from work is a great form of exercise. If your commute is too long, take the bus and get off a few stops early so you can walk a few blocks. If you drive to work, park down the street from your building and walk a few extra blocks to get your body moving and ready for the full day ahead!
  5. Make The Most Of Lunch Break – If you have an hour for lunch, take 30-45 minutes of it to take a brisk walk or play a game of racquetball with a co-worker. If you walk, you can even incorporate some light hand weights into your routine.

You don’t need to spend your life in a gym in order to get exercise. You can get in a little bit of exercise with almost everything you do in your day-to-day life. You just need to pick up the pace and think before you step into the elevator or grab that front row parking spot. Your health is worth the few extra minutes and steps you will take. Your body will thank you for it!


Being a Nurse

Why did you get into nursing? What does nursing mean to you? This poem “Being a Nurse” conveys what some nurse’s feel about their profession, do you agree?


Being a Nurse


Being a NURSE means……

You will never be bored.

You will always be frustrated.

You will be surrounded by challenges.

So much to do and so little time.

You will carry immense responsibility and very little authority.

You will step into people’s lives and you will make a difference.

Some will bless you. Some will curse you.

You will see people at their worst-and at their best

You will never cease to be amazed at people’s capacity for love, courage, and endurance.

You will see life begin-and end.

You will experience resounding triumphs and devastating failures.

You will cry a lot. You will laugh a lot.

You will laugh a lot.

You will know what it is to be human and to be humane.


What’s the verdict? Does this convey what being a nurse means to you?